Princeton PHSAT XXII Results

The 2014-2015 season for Philadelphia quizbowl got underway on September 27th, as five area teams joined a field of New York and North Jersey squads to compete.

  • Manheim Township sent a single team, consisting of half their A Team and three other players. Despite not being at full strength, Township performed extremely well, finishing tied for 7th. They seemed to run a little hot and cold, beating good teams and loosing to teams with lesser peripherals. Overall, they showed a lot of improvement- I am exited to see them at 100%.
  • Wilmington Charter sent four teams. Despite having enough talent to finish higher, curious roster decisions led to their captain, Varun, playing on the D team, and thus their teams finished all over the board. Their highest team finished 9th behind  Mohan’s 27 powers. Varun put up over 100 points a game, but with little help on team D. They didn’t come out of the gate quite as strong as anticipated, but as they solve early-season quirks and learn to utilize their roster better, I expect them to return to dominant form.
  • Emmaus High School, a new team to the circuit, already looks like a Dark Horse contender. Ryan Bilger impressed the entire community by leading the entire field with 130 points per game in the morning rounds. Emmaus finished 11th among a strong field, and put up an incredible fight against top-10 nationally ranked High Tech, getting 9 of 20 tossups. Emmaus is quickly becoming the must read story of Greater Philly quizbowl, and I can’t wait to see what they do.
  • Henderson and PALCS (Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School) out of Chester County also participated. Neither managed to secure a playoff spot. Henderson stumbled out of the gate with a 1-14 morning across three teams, but recovered to finish 11-2 in the afternoon (exuding a Henderson B- Henderson C match). PALCS went 3-7 but nearly took 3 more, showing potential. Both showed resilience through their struggles, so we’ll have to see how they can improve.

Overall, GPQB teams did better than expected against some strong competition. Who will come out on top? Tune in next time to find out!

Ben Herman

Special Thanks to Steve Sobieck, Missy Doll, and Mohan Malhotra for information about this event

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