Delaware History Bowl

The National History Bee and Bowl, a competition separate from the main quizbowl events we cover but closely allied with it, rolled up on the Philadelphia area this past weekend for the first time this season. Attendance was unfortunately rather low, with just five high schools and two middle schools showing up. However, the competition was still pretty good.

The History Bowl provided a great outlet for the latest chapter in the Wilmington Charter-Manheim Township rivalry, with the two teams meeting once in the prelims and then finding themselves facing each other in a tournament final. The first match went to a tiebreaker situation, with Charter coming out on top. Charter managed to come out of a hole where Manheim converted the first five questions to win the final convincingly. In the JV bracket, Manheim Township B claimed victory over Concord. Concord got in some good buzzes and did not loose their cool however, and did very well at converting lightning rounds. They have worked hard since we last saw them and are in competition with Archmere for the second best team in the state of Delaware.

We also saw Caravel Academy and Wilmington Friends School compete for the first time. Both finished behind the other three but had some very good individual performances. A few students qualified for the separate national history bee portion from these schools. I hope they come out to more quizbowl events and continue to improve!

If you’d like to find out more about National History Bee and Bowl, please vist

-Ben Herman


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