Great Valley Tournament Wrap-Up


Above: GVQBT champion Manheim Township A. From L to R: Eric Zhuang, Ahan Patel, Jake Deerin, and Piotr Crittenden

Yet another exciting area event provided some great competition in Malvern as Great Valley High School hosed their second annual invitational. There were a lot of close, fiercely competed matches by regulars and new faces on the circuit. Here’s the highlight reel:

  • In a re-match from last fall’s Henderson Invitational, Manheim Township avenged their loss to Emmaus with a 430-270 victory. The match was well fought, with the teams separated by just 10 at halftime. In a broad based team effort, Manheim rallied for the win. Notable was three gets from Eric Zhuang, recently promoted from the B team.
  • Conestoga, at their first tournament of the season, finished a strong third behind Robert Tang’s 69 points a game. Both their losses were within one question margins. I had them raked 4th in the preseason, and if they come to more events, they have a solid chance of getting back there.
  • We have mentioned PALCS as an up-and-coming young team, waiting to break through. Yesterday, that happened a whole six months before we anticipated. PALCS finished 4th with all players clearing 20 points a game and getting three out of four bonus questions. They notably beat Manheim Township B, who I had ranked ahead of them last week.
  • A new contender appeared in the form of Souderton High, who put in the best debut performance by a school in quite some time. They went 7-3, with two of those losses coming to eventual champion Manheim A. For a team to come out as a first time squad and finish so well is quite a feat. I hope we see more of Souderton in the future.
  • Other playoff teams included circuit stalwarts Lehigh Valley Academy, Henderson, Concord, Archmere, and Downingtown East. The later is notable for finishing tied 5th behind a tour-de-force performance by Nicholas Wu, who was not with them last time. He finished third in scoring after LVA’s Alex Schmidt and Emmaus’ Ryan Bilger.
  • Other participating schools included Phillipsburg, Camp Hill, and Eastern Lebanon County.

Congratulations to all the teams who competed, this was one of the most fun and high-achieving high school events we’ve had in some time in Philadelphia! Complete stats can be found here.

Above: GVQBT runners up Emmaus. From L to R: Justine Wang, Ryan Bilger, and Robbie Haag.

-Ben Herman

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