MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resouce

Hello Quizbowl Community,

Today we’re happy to announce a major overhaul and expansion of our blog. From this day forth, we will be posting as the Greater PENNSYLVANIA Quizbowl group. That’s right all yinz, we will now be devoting just as much space to tournaments, news, players, and coaches in and around Pittsburgh, up in the Poconos, and everything in between. As quality quiz bowl grows in the state, we thought it fitting to recognize the achievements of the hundreds of students participating in those parts of the state too. For those of you in Delaware and South Jersey, never fear, for we are still GREATER Pennsylvania and will be covering tournaments and such in these areas (as well as North Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland where applicable).

Right now, there have been no announced tournaments in Western PA, but typically both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University host two events a year. If you’re up for a bit of a drive, teams are always welcome to head to the Philadelphia Area and Lancaster County and play at their existing events. And most of all, if your high school is interested in hosting a tournament to raise some money and grow the game, consult our tournament guide! Please keep an eye on our regional calendar, which will now announce relevant events inside and outside of the State for those teams. Happy buzzing!

The GPQB Staff

One comment

  1. This is great news for Pennsylvania, Ben. The more we stay in touch with each other, the better we will get–as players, as coaches, as teams, and as representatives of our state.
    Though I coach my son at Lehigh Valley Academy, I am focused on improving the overall quality of play in our state, generally, and in helping to develop Pennsylvania’s NASAT effort, specifically. I had the honor and pleasure of coaching our NASAT team last weekend. Yes, we got our butts kicked pretty good at times, but this is the toughest high school tournament in the world, with most state’s teams loaded with all-star players from the strongest teams in the country: almost every NASAT team was packed with players from Top Twenty schools. (High Tech was the only local Top Twenty team this year.) Still, NASAT was a great learning experience, and I firmly believe that with more of our local teams branching out into regional and national tournaments we will, in time, become one of the best quiz bowl states in the country.

    Hopefully, we will strengthen our NASAT tryout procedures and rotate the NASAT coaching duties in the coming years. But for this year, my thanks to all of the kids (and their parents) who played and tried out for the team, as well as to the folks who helped us build our first NASAT team in six years: Ben Herman, Andrew Nadiq, Ron McCool, Missy Doll, Bern and Darryl McCauley, Steve Sobieck, Deb Thornhill, as well as Ed Powers in New Jersey and Brad Fischer from Illinois.


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