BREAKING NEWS- Pennsylvania State Academic Competition Switches to NAQT

EDIT (1/23/2016): It appears that while the tossup questions will be from NAQT, there will still be fanfare rounds and no major changes to the format or rules. While still a great and welcome change to ensure that the questions are fair, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. 

In a watershed development yesterday, pyramidal question supplier NAQT announced that they will become the new question source for the official Pennsylvania State Academic Competition in Harrisburg. Let us say we could not be happier with the news. Years of hard work and campaigning for better questions free of hoses, misleading text, and without good alternate answer lines have come to fruition. The writers of this site would like to thank all of the students, coaches, parents, and friends of the game that have worked to make this change happen. We could not have done it without your support! Additionally, we commend the showrunners of the state competition and NAQT for working together to strike a question supply deal.

With this change comes immense potential for good quizbowl growing across the Keystone State. Many IUs will be affected by this switch, and thus many local competitions will now have good questions used throughout the school year. Further, every school in Pennsylvania now has every incentive to play good quizbowl. With a regular, unambiguous topic distribution, the coveted state title is more obtainable than ever for students who want to put in hard work and master the quizbowl canon. The new state competition also offers the enticing benefit of winning money for each team’s school as well as honor and prestige.

A plethora of outreach opportunities have now opened up. The work is not yet done. As supporters of good quizbowl in Pennsylvania, we must continue to ensure tournaments run smoothly, that we raise awareness in schools without quizbowl teams, and that the state continues to expand its presence at national tournaments. For today, though, we must celebrate Pennsylvania’s new tournament as a major victory for the game.

-The GPQB Staff

One comment

  1. Finally! Now our team can finally focus on one question format year-round. I, too, would like to thank everyone who helped make this switch, I guarantee the tournament will be more exciting. Now if only we could find a way to play more than 2-3 games?


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