An Overview of Out-of-State Teams

In tandem with this week’s earlier rankings, it is worth taking a look at some of the great squads in surrounding states Pennsylvania teams will no doubt be squaring off with this coming season. Some of the strongest schools in the country have their home in the mid-atlantic, and thus the competition will be fierce. This won’t be a particular extensive look at any one squad, but will briefly overview them so you know what to expect if you find them on your schedule.

Bergen County Academies (NJ)– Returns the meat of their lineup, including top scorer Rebecca Rosenthal. Finished T-37th at the last NSC. Coached by Jon Pinyan, one of quizbowl’s best statisticians and a longtime proponent of good quizbowl at the national level.

Bethlehem Central (NY)– Led by Eric Wolfsburg, one of the top players in the nation. Strong on history in particular.

Centennial (MD)– Baltimore area squad. Deep team, known for hosting perhaps the largest non-national high school tournament in America every November (80 or more teams is common). Best player is Gary Tse, a humanities specialist.

East Brunswick (NJ)– Loses their best player from last year, Shravan Bajali, to UPenn’s team. Weaker in history, but still a very good team.

Georgetown Day School (DC)– This team will look similar to the B team that placed second at last year’s Blue Hen Invitational. Led by Tajin Rogers, an excellent all around player who make lots of impressive buzzes. GDS loses Noah Cowan, known for buzzing 18 times in the average 20 question match, negging five, and still beating most teams.

Great Neck South (NY)– Team lead by Lucia Geng, an elite humanities player, and Allan Lee, an elite science and history player. Very likely to power a lot of questions. Most of the rest of the A team has graduated.

High Tech (NJ)– The entire A team has graduated, but the B team taking over finished tied for 22nd at last year’s HSNCT. All-around threat, lots of contributing players.

Ithaca (NY)– Top players include Casey Weatherbee and Daniel Xu. Ithaca is strong all around, with history and fine arts being particular strength. They project to be especially strong on mACF style events as opposed to NAQT sets.

Solon (OH)– Far and away strongest team in the State of Ohio. Placed 5th at last year’s HSNCT. They go into the season with the #1 ranking on Fred Morlan’s national rankings, based on bonus conversion.

Richard Montgomery (MD)– One of the marquee quizbowl programs nationally, with two national titles. They are cobbling together a new A team after graduating lots of players. Project to be a better squad on NAQT questions.

Wilmington Charter (DE)– Return 3/4ths of their A team (Mohan Malhotra, Rohan Narayan, Shrayus Sortur). Very good specialist knowledge in history, science, and literature respectively. Likely to have the best B team of squads listed here. If you need more on them, browse our archives from when we were still the Philadelphia Quizbowl Resource.

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