GPQB Podcast Episode 2: Outreach Tactics and Strategies

In the second episode of the GPQB podcast, we discuss outreach, the process of disseminating information about quizbowl to schools and teams. As we discuss, a lot of teams in quizbowl do outreach (whether they realize it or not) when they invite other teams to tournaments and it’s important that everyone in quizbowl practices good outreach to help quizbowl as a whole. We also talk about who to contact at schools, how to phrase emails, what kind of responses to expect, and other outreach topics.

You can listen to Episode 2 here.

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Let us know what you think.

For our third podcast, we’re aiming to do an interview with a Pennsylvania quizbowl personality. Who will it be? Tune in in 2 weeks to see.


  1. Hey I’m Alex Schmidt. The NerdSync Podcast’s Comic Book Trivia Challenges have inspired me to write short history trivia challenges. I have tested them out on my family, so would you be willing to let me share the trivia challenges on an episode of the podcast?


    1. Hi Alex,

      While I’m sure very interesting, trivia challenges don’t explicitly relate to the sorts quizbowl topics being discussed by the podcast/blog. They are only related games in a larger quizzing family. For the time being we would like to keep the podcast to specific topics about the PA pyramidal quizbowl circuit and the theory of pyramidal quizbowl.


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  2. Do you guys remember an old HSQB thread where people posted their tournament announcement emails? I’ve been looking for that thread forever tonight.


  3. Template for an announcement email off the top of my head:
    1. Welcome / friendly “You’re invited” + drop the name of host school.
    2. Date, time, location.
    3. Paragraph about “it’s a quizbowl tournament” and elevator description of quizbowl.
    4. Costs + registration details.
    5. Links to HSQB announcement, basics of quizbowl, recommended practice packs.

    What am I missing?


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