A Brief note on SAGACITY at UPitt

Stats for this tournament can be found here. As one can tell with a quick eye test there are numerous problems with these statistics, as bonuses and player stats are not entered for some late rounds. Thus it is difficult for us to use this tournament as fully as most in looking at how this reflects the state. However, there are still things worth mentioning and it seems like there was lots of close play.

Allderdice claimed their first ever tournament win in program history, defeating DuBois in the finals coming in with disadvantage.  They benefited from captain Jordan Abbott’s 60+ ppg work, plus a nice breakout from Jahnik Kurukaulasuriya as a wingman. On three occasions, they scored 460 points or more in a match, so this was not a team scraping by on luck. DuBois, despite the loss, is gaining ground extremely fast in the state. Their bonus conversion skyrocketed from middling to excellent in the span of a month (though note this was a lower-difficulty set), and captain Eli Kirk’s 97 points a game is an excellent performance.

Also in the playoffs were perennial Western PA powerhouse Winchester Thurston, sending two teams to the high brackets. They were missing a few players, but even when not at full strength they can absolutely compete for some tournament titles. Jack Chaillet’s 124.21 points per game is the highest non-Alex Schmdt score we’ve seen so far this year from any Pennsylvania player, and deserves to be singled out. With Jack in the lineup Thurston will always be dangerous. Rajan Alagar competed alone on behalf of the Alagar Homeschool. In so doing he also cleared 100 points per game and established himself as one of the state’s up-and-coming names to watch. The last playoff entrant was Norwin high school, who debuted on the Pennsylvania circuit last season, won their very first tournament, and then struggled. The struggles ended here, and Norwin’s first effort of the ’15-’16 season showed some nice potential.

Other entrants were many of the same teams we saw at Mellon Bowl. We’re glad to see so many teams attending tournaments with ever increasing regularity and getting more great buzzes in. Of the rest, I’ll single out South Park high from Allegheny county, as this was their first ever pyramidal quizbowl event. We welcome them to the PA quizbowl family and hope to see them again very soon!

-Ben Herman

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