Announcement: 2015-2016 Season GPQB All-Star Teams

Dear readers,

It is with pleasure that we inaugurate a new annual tradition here at GPQB: selecting our picks for the top ten players in the state to receive the honor of 1st and 2nd team All-Star. These players have put in countless hours of study, impressed with many great buzzes, and distinguished themselves with excellent knowledge across academia. We also have chosen a few other players for honorable mention. The selection process involved nomination by those who have moderated and watched countless matches in the state, debate by the panel, and an AP Poll style vote. To all these players, as well as their parents, families, teachers, coaches, and friends, well done. The 2015-2016 All-Star Teams are as follows:

First Team All-State

  • Jake Deerin, Manheim Township High School
  • Gianni Manginelli, Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School
  • Ahan Patel, Manheim Township High School
  • Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy
  • Saimun Shahee, Delaware Valley High School

Second Team All-State

  • Shayar Bhattarcharjee, Manheim Township High School
  • Jack Chaillet, Winchester Thurston School
  • Joey Feffer, State College High School
  • Eli Kirk, DuBois High School
  • Mahima Kumara, State College High School

Honorable Mentions

  • Jordan Abbott, Allderdice High School
  • Rajan Alagar, Alagar Homeschool
  • Drake Eshleman, Delaware Valley High School
  • Deakon McCurdy, Great Valley High School
  • Sam Scarfone, Great Valley High School


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