NSC Wrap-Up and Summer Plans

Three PA teams competed at the PACE National Scholastic Championship last weekend in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Full stats for the tournament are available here.

Delaware Valley came out on top out of the PA teams with a 30th-place finish that could have been even higher had they not lost a tiebreaker to 17th-place Early College at Guilford (NC) after beating them earlier in the day. DV had a great run nonetheless though with wins over Early College as well as High Tech (NJ). Drake and Saimun, both graduating seniors, led the way with about 50 PPG each.

Great Valley also had a solid run to 35th-place, beating Ithaca (NY) and Ladue A (MO), among others in an up-and-down series of games. Sam (only a sophomore) paced the team with 43 PPG and senior Deakon added 38 points per game, with both players racking up 17 powers (at NSC powers are worth 20 points rather than the usual 15) each.

After their outstanding run to T-13 at HSNCT, Manheim Township got stuck in a rut at the NSC and badly missed the science prowess of normal A-teamer Ahan. After a series of close losses that knocked them down the playoff brackets, they ended up finishing in a tie for 57th. Somewhat bizarrely, they ended up in a final bracket with two other teams that followed them alphabetically and a B team (Dunbar, from KY) that gave them fits earlier in the tournament. The bright spot here though was Jake’s outstanding performance, as he notched an impressive 31 powers. MT will miss his lit knowledge and leadership skills next year.

With the conclusion of the NSC, the 2015-2016 quizbowl season is complete! We will have a final ranking based on these nationals results and the whole sum of the year’s accomplishments for PA teams that will come out around the end of this week. We will also start to update date claims in the tournament schedule for the 2016-2017 season as schools start to lock down dates (you might also want to follow along with the NJ/NY date claims here too). Please let us know if you’re interested in hosting a tournament–we need more dedicated hosts to meet the growing demand for quizbowl in PA!

In the meantime, we will continue to produce the GPQB podcast and would be happy to do a series of posts on whatever questions our readers might have. What would you like to see from us? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or tweet at us @phillyquizbowl on Twitter.

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