2015-2016 End of Season Poll

Ladies and gents, we have capped off a season in which Pennsylvania quizbowl took many steps forward, and it’s time to recognize our top teams. Our panel* voted on who they thought were the best in the state using their choice of approaches, with items such as points scored, power rate, neg rate, W-L record, tournament wins, nationals results, and team cohesion as some of the criteria. Without further ado, here is GPQB’s end of year top 10.

1) Manheim Township A, 70 Points (same rank, unanimous choice for #1)
2) Delaware Valley, 54 Points (+1)
3) State College, 52 Points ( -1)
4) Great Valley, 47 Points  (+1)
5) Henderson, 45 Points (+3)
6) Lehigh Valley Academy, 43 Points (-2)
7) Winchester Thurston, 22 Points (=)
8) PALCS, 19 Points (-2)
T9) Alagar Homeschool 10 Points (+2)
T9) Friends Select, 10 points (previously u/r)

Also receiving votes were Cedar Crest (7 points, -2) and Manheim Township B (3 points, -2)

Commentary and further details will appear in the next edition of the GPQB podcast. Thank you all for a wonderful quizbowl season full of fantastic memories!

-The Staff

*The voters in the poll were: Ryan Bilger, Paul Birch, Chris Chiego, Ben Herman, Andrew Nadig, Victor Prieto, and Steven Silverman.

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