Month: August 2016

GPQB Podcast Episode #17: Pre-Season Rankings and 2016-2017 Season Preview

In the 17th episode of the GPQB podcast, Ben and Chris preview the upcoming season and run through the top 10 teams in the state.

Click here to listen to the whole episode or you can fast-forward below for specific portions.

Western PA Discussion: 0:25
Central PA (broadly defined) Discussion: 4:09
Northeastern PA Discussion: 8:07
Southeastern PA Discussion: 10:39
Top 5 Teams In-Depth Discussion: 14:53

2016-2017 Season Pre-Season Rankings

School is back! We are exhilarated to be beginning a new season of quizbowl in Pennsylvania, which should continue the trend of having more teams, more action, and more close bouts. With many of the state’s best players graduated, the door is wide open for rising teams or new-to-quizbowl schools. As is customary, we will begin the year with our pre-season poll. Six members of our panel participated this year. Without further ado, here are the results:

1) Manheim Township A (55 points, 3 first place votes)
2) State College A (54 points, 2 first place votes)
3) Lehigh Valley Academy (47 points)
4) Great Valley (46 points, 1 first place vote)
5) Alagar Homeschool (38 points)
6) Friends Select (20 points)
7) Camp Hill (18 points)
8) State College B (14 points)
9) Winchester Thurston (12 points)
10) Manheim Township B (11 points)

Also receiving votes were Delaware Valley (7), Downingtown East (5), Lakeland (2), and Wallenpaupack (1).

Commentary about the poll from panelists will be featured in the next edition of the GPQB podcast.

We wish all competitors and coaches the absolute best of luck this season. See you around the circuit!

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