Tri-State Tournament @ Friends Select Wrap-Up

15 quizbowl teams gathered at Center City campus of Friends Select School in Philadelphia for the first Tri-State Tournament. Although all the teams ended up being from PA, the competition was fierce and both divisions ended with hard-fought finals.

Full stats and standings are available here.


Lancaster Mennonite with their first-place Varsity-division trophy.

In the Varsity division, Lancaster Mennonite faced off against Friends Select A over the course of the tournament in a hard-fought (but very peaceful) series of 4 matches for Mennonite vs. Quaker supremacy. After Mennonite took the first match by 40 points, FSS battled back and won the second match in overtime. Mennonite then dropped their final regular match to Great Valley C, which gave FSS the advantage over Mennonite in the first game of an advantaged final (meaning that FSS only needed to win one game to win, Mennonite needed to win two). But Mennonite’s Brandon Roe then pulled out a 130-point, 6-5-2 performance to force a final deciding game that Mennonite won (thanks in part to 3 timely powers by Jacob C.). Both teams amassed a considerable number of powers (61 and 62) respectively over the course of the tournament, but FSS A’s Achilles heel was likely its 41 neg-5s over the course of the tournament (including 8 in the finals games).


Science Leadership Academy with their first-place Novice-division trophy.

In the Novice division, a full-strength Science Leadership Academy (SLA) notched its first-ever quizbowl tournament win, first winning a statistical tiebreak over Friends Select D and Great Valley D after all finishing the opening round-robin with two losses and then defeating Friends Select C in a disadvantaged final over the course of two straight games to walk away with the first-place trophy. Interestingly, FSS C’s only loss earlier in the day had been to SLA, meaning that SLA won 3 times (the first two by a difference of only 1 TU) over FSS C to win. Both teams were paced by a balanced group of scorers, and SLA ended up with a solid 15.19 PPB and 24 powers over 10 games.

In the rest of the varsity division, Great Valley B and C showcased the ever-increasing depth of the Great Valley team (their A team was competing against college teams at a nearby tournament at the same time) while Carver A and FSS B navigated moving up from novice competitions to the varsity level.

With the novices, Friends Select D actually had better stats than their C team, but were a bit less experienced and lost head-to-head. Bodine, though lacking their top scorer from 2 weeks ago, was paced by a strong all-around performance from Alexandra T. (who finished 3rd in individual scoring and first in the novice division) and capped their day with an upset over SLA. Wissahickon took the train in from MontCo with a group of novices, Carver B played a large group of freshmen, and Franklin Towne A and B both continued to bring new members to compete.

Overall, it sounded like an outstanding day of competition with the round-robins finishing around 3 PM and the final tiebreaks and finals finishing by 4:30 PM. Excellent work by all teams and major thanks to FSS for hosting (and providing pictures).

-Chris Chiego

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