GPQB 2016-2017 Mid-Season Poll

With the postponement of the Manheim Township tournament due to weather, we have reached the halfway mark in this competitive quizbowl season. We have more schools playing as vigorously as ever. For the first time in state history, no B teams got votes (let alone were ranked), which is a sign of outreach health and deep commitment to improvement. Our panel has met and voted, and here are your new Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resource rankings:

1) Manheim Township, 77 points, 5 first place votes (=)
2) Lehigh Valley Academy, 74 points, 3 first place votes (+1)
3) Great Valley, 64 points (+1)
4) State College, 55 points (-2)
5) Alagar Homeschool, 44 points (=)
T6) Camp Hill, 35 points (+1)
T6) Delaware Valley, 35 points (+5)
8) Downingtown East, 28 points (+4)
9) Friends Select, 10 points (-3)
10) Winchester Thurston, 9 points (-3)

Also receiving votes: Lakeland (3), Wallenpaupack (3), Allderdice (1), Henderson (1), and Lancaster Mennonite (1)

Follow up commentary will be heading your way on the next edition of the GPQB podcast.

The Staff

The panelists for this poll were: Ryan Bilger, Paul Birch, Chris Chiego, Ben Herman, Brian McNamara, Alex Sankaran, Steven Silverman, and Bill Tressler

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