Pittsburgh Central Catholic Invitational Wrap-Up

Just over a week ago, on March 11, several of western PA’s circuit regulars gathered at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh for a small but exciting tournament day. Full stats from the tournament can be found here.

Winchester Thurston A continued their excellent season by clearing the field (9-0). Their PPB was quite high, with a mark of 25.87 showing an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge even on an A-set. All four of their players provided solid contributions throughout, topped by Jacob Dubner’s 57.22 points per game, and they were only seriously threatened once during the day. Thurston A is definitely making its case to be considered among the top ten in Pennsylvania at season’s end.

Three teams very close to one another occupied the next tier just below Thurston: NorwinAllderdice A, and Shady Side A. Norwin continues to be led by senior Andy Halza, who put up 53.33 PPG to pace his team on their way to a second place finish via tiebreaker over Allderdice A. Allderdice had the tournament’s leading scorer on the day, Jakobi Deslouches, with 57.78 PPG. Their only losses on the day came to Thurston A and Shady Side A. Shady Side continues to be led by the duo of William Lu and Will Davis as their top scorers, but they also saw solid contributions from Fuad Youssef and Max Kurke.

The great degree of parity among these western teams, both in terms of team play and individual scoring as we have seen, makes tournaments in this region incredibly exciting affairs. The match of the day was an intense 285-280 victory for Thurston A over Shady Side A, exemplifying just how well-matched these squads are. This makes for some intriguing matchups and can hopefully spur these teams on to improve as much as they can over these final months of the year.

Outside of the top 4, Central Catholic was still able to field two teams while hosting, showing they have a great deal of enthusiastic players. The A team even put up over 21 PPB; well done to them. Allderdice B notched a win over Shady Side A, led by Jahnik Kurukulasuriya, adding a feather to the caps of this young team. Winchester Thurston BShady Side B, and Westmont Hilltop A also brought solid contingents to bear and acquitted themselves well with some wins throughout the day.

With Pittsburgh’s Battle of the Burgh tournament coming up next week, Pittsburgh will continue to be very active.


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