Lancaster Lebanon League Report

-Editors Note: We are trying something new, with a guest post from an active high school player. We thank Penn Manor’s Connor Mayers for reaching out to us and volunteering his time to write this wrap-up.

At the end of last month, 24 teams traveled to Manheim Township High School for the annual Anne Clouser Memorial Playoffs to finish up the Lancaster-Lebanon Quiz Bowl League for the 2016-2017 season. Teams have been playing head-to-head matches since October, while battling out for the best regular season records. Schools played three matches against six different schools for a total of 18 regular season matches. Teams were seeded based on record and scoring, and the top 16 teams qualified for a double-elimination, pyramidal, card-system tournament (the non-qualifying schools participated in a consolation league).  Manheim Township downed Hempfield in two straight matches to cap off an amazing final and a great and exciting tournament. Full results and statistics can be found below:

The top four teams were as followed:

  1. Manheim Township
  2. Hempfield
  3. Ephrata
  4. Penn Manor

Manheim Township finished in first place. They started off strong, beating 16th seeded Donegal. Their second round match-up pitted them against Garden Spot, and in the most shocking result of the tournament, fell 350-355. They bounced back and convincingly won four consecutive matches, beating Cedar Crest, Lancaster Mennonite, Penn Manor, and Ephrata, which set them up with a finals match against the at the time undefeated Hempfield team. Having not lost, Hempfield needed to lose two back-to-back matches to lose the title. The first match went 390-225 in favor of Manheim Township. The dynamic duo of Shayar Bhattachajee and Ahan Patel led the team, scoring 9 of the team’s 11 toss-ups, including five powers. The second match finished 415-345, again in the favor of Manheim Township, giving them the title.

Hempfield had an impressive tournament, falling nobly to Manheim Township and finishing 4-2 overall. They downed Cocalico, Penn Manor, Lancaster Mennonite, and Garden Spot before facing Manheim Township. Will Yaeger finished with an impressive 30 toss-ups, including 19 total powers earning 61.67 points per match. Jon Lawrence, Ryan Zhang, and Alden Dumas put in solid performances as well. Hempfield works brilliantly as a team, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Ephrata finished in an impressive third place, also finishing 4-2 overall. They had wins over Manheim Central (twice), Elizabethtown, and Garden Spot, falling only to Lancaster Mennonite and Manheim Township. Edwin Crockett and Chase Weber both performed well, each scoring over 40 points per game.

Penn Manor also finished 4-2 overall, earning a very respectable fourth place. They recorded wins over Cedar Crest, Annville-Cleona, Lampeter-Strasburg, and Garden Spot, losing only to the winners and runner up, Manheim Township and Hempfield. Connor Mayers shined, scoring an even 45 points per game to lead his team.

The tournament proved to be very exciting, and it was a great sign of things to come for the Lancaster-Lebanon Quiz Bowl League. We hope to see this league grow and become even more competitive to really expand quiz bowl in Pennsylvania!

-Connor Mayers

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