Big Lake Brawl Wrap Up (3/26/17)

12 teams were on hand for a snow-delayed bout at Wallenpaupack High this weekend, marking the school’s first time hosting. Upstate New York quizbowl guru Scott Blish served as director, and the event went on without a hitch.

Stats are here.

The event was won by a Barnstorming team from Ithaca, NY. Not their usual national-title contending A team, a team of younger players still dominated, and came out on top with just won loss in the round robin. Behind them, the Pennsylvanians performed admirably. Delaware Valley A, at full strength for the first time in a few months, finished 11-2, with both losses on account of their 1-2 record against Ithaca. Collin led the way again with 56 ppg, but everyone scored at least 17. DV is a true team effort among our elite teams, perhaps more so than any team in Pennsylvania this year. The four man squad should do well at nationals if they are all together.

Behind them, hosts Wallenpaupack A finished a strong 3rd. Led by NASAT team member Sebastien and closely behind by Tyler, the team racked up 40 powers and 21 points per bonus. Wallenpaupack steady improvement has been a treat to watch all season. Parkland capped off their first pyramidal season in 4th, behind power sophomore Sahil’s 90 ppg, which lead the event. Parkland is a team to watch for the next season.

Behind them were B,C, and D teams from Wallenpaupack and Delaware Valley, and two teams from Berwick. Kudos go out to Berwick B, who flashed brilliant potential in a 4-7 performance that included 8 powers. It will be fun to see if this translates into even more for their squad.

Northeast PA has gone from zero to one to three tournaments in the last year. As pyramidal quizbowl there continues to grow, I expect teams to continue to show what they know and put up impressive performances like these.

-Ben Herman

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