Battle of the Burgh (3/25/17) Wrap Up

This past Saturday saw a renewal of quizbowl competition out west, with a mixture of circuit regulars and first-time attendees bringing about an exciting day for the teams. Stats can be found at this link; be warned, though, that some of the PPB statistics do not properly add up.

At the top of the table, three teams finished tied at 9-1 in a “circle of death.” Allderdice A defeated Winchester Thurston A, but took a loss to Allderdice B, whom Winchester Thurston beat. Thurston ultimately took the title on the day based on their strong statistics, though after Allderdice was incorrectly announced as the winner due to a quirk of SQBS. All three of these teams should be commended for their impressive performances on the day. Winchester Thurston’s 1-2 punch of Nathaniel Hull and EJ Eppinger set the tone for the victors; Nathaniel particulars scored an impressive 26 powers, doubling up the next-closest competitors. Allderdice showed a great degree of depth across both their squads. Jakobi Deslouches led  the way for the A team, but all players on the A team scored at least 20 PPG. Three of the four players on Allderdice B scored over 30 PPG as well. With most of their roster consisting of returning players, Allderdice will be an exciting program to watch in the future.

Rounding out the playoff bracket were Huntington APittsburgh Central Catholic, and Rocky Grove, who returned to a Saturday tournament for the first time in 6 years. Huntington is a program that is continuing to show improvement as they come to more tournaments, and it appears to be paying off for them with a balanced scoring group behind Tom Tuten’s team-leading 40.31 PPG. Central Catholic again had a large contingent of players, and though they ran into some trouble in the afternoon rounds, Simon Sweeney’s 60 PPG, including 13 powers, provides them with a strong building block. For Rocky Grove, Josiah Montgomery tallied a strong 48.47 PPG, with players behind him ready and able to add their knowledge. I hope we can see some more of this team in future years and that they will continue to build on their strong performance.

The middle and lower playoff brackets also saw some solid outings. Special congratulations go out to Mercyhurst A, who went 7-3 in their first-ever pyramidal tournament. Thomas Russell notched 5 powers and 56 tens countered by only 4 negs to finish as the third overall scorer for the day. Vince Birch also had a solid day for Indiana Area A, claiming the second overall spot with 68.23 PPG. Hampton finished strong with three wins in a row to go 6-4 on the day, while Northwest Penn Collegiate‘s two teams combined to go 11-9 on the day, with great power potential. Circuit stalwarts Kane saw their A team also go 3-1 in the playoff rounds, while their B team picked up a couple of wins as well, while General McLane and a rebuilding DuBois returned for some competition too. We also welcome West Shamokin out of Indiana County to the circuit as they also made their Saturday tournament debut.

All told, the Battle of the Burgh saw impressive performances from new and old teams alike. With the Allderdice Invitational coming up in just over a week, it will be interesting to see these teams come out to play one more time before the final gearing up for nationals.

-Ryan Bilger

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