2017 HSNCT Preview Podcast

In this mammoth sized preview for NAQT’s HSNCT, Ben and Chris discuss where the 18 PA teams competing stand going into nationals week, predictions for how each might do, and make our calls for where we expect each to finish (no doubt embarrassing ourselves for posterity). We also discuss how the tournament works a bit. This description runs until about 8:30, at which point we begin the team-by team breakdown.

Click Here to Listen


  1. Would have loved to have gone to HSNCT. We played a couple old HSNCT packets at practices a couple times this year, and I enjoyed the difficulty.However, our budget only has room for one National Championship (perhaps not the case next year…), and naturally we opted for SSNCT.


    1. Very understandable. I’ve always said it would be great if the two (now three) tournaments could all be together, but then you can’t repeat staff between them and you’re pushing against the limit of what any hotel in America can hold.


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