Tri-State Tussle IV Wrap-Up (10/13/18)

23 teams from 12 different schools came together this past Saturday at Delaware Valley High School in Milford, PA for the fourth annual Tri-State Tussle. Links to the morning and afternoon stats can be found here.

Teams from out of state claimed the top three spots on the day (Keep working hard so this doesn’t happen again, PA teams!): An undefeated Troy A (NY) took first place, followed by Wilton (CT) and Ithaca A (NY). Moravian A led all Pennsylvania teams with a 4th-place finish. They ended the day with a PPB over 20 and got solid contributions from all four team members on the day, with Alex Adams leading them in PPG. In 5th was Wallenpaupack A, a team of returning young players continuing to grow together. Gavin Heard led this team in scoring, but like Moravian, all four players averaged at least one tossup per game, and their PPB ended up around 19. Rounding out the top bracket was Delaware Valley A, who topped their prelim bracket before joining the other two PA teams in a circle of death in the playoffs. Emma Dove continued her emergence as a strong player to lead them in scoring, but again, each player made a notable impact on the day.

Two more Pennsylvania squads topped the second bracket. Greater Nanticoke A, in just their second-ever Saturday tournament, finished on top on a PPB tiebreaker. Props to them for their excellent work! Camp Hill came up next. Sydney Preston had an excellent day, finishing as Pennsylvania’s highest-scoring player with 85.5 PPG, and Gus Eberlein added some solid points as a second scorer as well. They notched a morning 300-280 victory over Ithaca A, and could be a fun team to watch as the season develops. Lakeland A continued their adjustment to the post-Goerlitz days with a nice finish as well; a run to the SSNCT playoffs should be a good goal for them this year. Three players from Delaware Valley B rounded out this bracket.

Young players from Moravian, Wallenpaupack, Delaware Valley, Lakeland, and Greater Nanticoke all filled out the remaining brackets, gaining some good experience for the future. It was also good to see Berwick return to the circuit for some more quizbowl fun!

Overall, the northeastern part of the state is characterized by developing youth. Will some of these teams be able to challenge the state’s top-ranked squads as we’ve seen in the past? Keep an eye out for that this year!

-Ryan Bilger

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