Swarthmore Novice II Wrap-Up (11/10/18)

16 teams from 9 schools came to Swarthmore College on November 10 for Swarthmore’s second annual novice tournament. Full stats for the day can be found here.

Manheim Township A with their first-place trophy. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Rosenthal.

Two teams from Manheim Township finished atop the standings, with the A team going 9-0 and the B team finishing at 8-1. These performances demonstrated that Manheim Township’s strong program is continuing to produce talented young players all capable of contributing multiple solid buzzes in any game. Ellie Taliani and Baybars Charkas led the way for the A team with 59.44 and 51.11 PPG respectively, while Scotty Reynolds notched 73.89 points on the B team.

Manheim Township B with their second-place trophy. Photo courtesy Rebecca Rosenthal.

Carver A and Sanford School A rounded out the top bracket. It was nice to see Carver’s hard work over the years pay off with a trophy position. Sanford, out of Delaware, made their pyramidal debut in fine style, with the A team breaking 20 PPB. With new coach Abbi Smith (formerly of Friends Select and 2018 GPQB Coach of the Year), these students may be able to climb even higher with more experience under their belts.

Carver A with their third place trophy. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Rosenthal.

Great Valley A and Archbishop Wood A finished 5th and 6th, followed by Carver B and Sanford B. Like Manheim Township, Great Valley continues to get good production from its young players, with all four team members over 15 PPG. Archbishop Wood did well for their first tournament of the year also, once again with all players contributing solid points.

Young players from Friends Select and Science Leadership Academy gained good experience and notched some wins on the day as well. It was nice to see Palisades and Church Farm School return to the circuit as well, and hopefully we’ll see them some more this year! B and C teams from GV and Carver filled out the remaining brackets.

Our congratulations to all the teams who came out and played, and to Swarthmore for hosting! We hope to see these players continue to grow and improve in the PA quizbowl community!


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