Big Lake Brawl III Wrap-Up (2/2/19)

Wallenpaupack High School hosted its 3rd Big Lake Brawl on Saturday, attracting 19 teams from eastern Pennsylvania as well as out-of-state squads from as far as Ithaca, NY, Wilton, CT, and Sussex, NJ. The tournament was played on NAQT’s IS-182A.

Stats can be found here.


Great Valley’s younger players took on the “A” designation and placed 2nd.


Ithaca A (11-0) cleared the top bracket, with a 385-255 win over Great Valley in the final round. Great Valley (9-2) came in second with a team consisting of usual C-team players, giving third place team Ithaca B two of its three losses in the first and 10th rounds, respectively. This performance will earn the team of Will Lewis, Prithvi Parthasarathy, Nolan Greenways, Rahul Narayanan and Chet Mittal a bid for nationals. Their program depth is incredible. Delaware Valley A finished in 4th, led by Emma with 52.5 PPG. Their only losses were to the two Ithaca teams and in a close match with Great Valley (300 – 220).

The other Pennsylvania playoff finishers were Moravian A (whose A team finished 5th) and Delaware Valley B (6th). Berwick, Emmaus, Lakeland, Riverside, Montgomery, and Wallenpaupack themselves all fielded teams that missed the top bracket. Although they did not end up making the championship bracket, Lakeland A fielded second overall top scorer David Campbell, with an impressive 103.5 PPG.

Overall, it seemed like a great event for the younger players Northeastern PA and surrounding schools to play on an easier set but still experience some tough competition.

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