Month: April 2020

GPQB Awards, 2019-2020


It is with pleasure that we can announce another round of our annual awards for playing and coaching. Every year, our decision is a hard one. There are so many diligent players and coaches around the state that to award them all would be impossible. This year, all three awardees have demonstrated heart and passion about quizbowl that we can all appreciate. We hope they can inspire more like them as the community continues to grow. Without further ado:

Congratulations to Will Steger of Manheim Township High School for winning Player of the Year for 2019-2020. This award recognizes his strong skills on the buzzer, particularly in the category of history, but perhaps even more importantly, his leadership skills. His diligence and discipline at practice, studying outside practice, and on tournament day have inspired his teammates and fellow competitors to in turn improve themselves and learn more. In this respect, Will represents what Pennsylvania quizbowl is all about: knowledge with character.

Congratulations to AZ Faiz of Manheim Township High School for winning JV Player of the Year for 2019-2020. AZ broke out in his sophomore season to become one of Pennsylvania’s top literature and fine arts players, scoring in bundles. Not since Alex Schmidt have we seen a player as well developed and confident at his age, and AZ’s rapid improvement has contributed to some major wins over nationally ranked programs.

Congratulations to Shan Hogan of Carver High School of Engineering and Science for winning Coach of the Year for 2019-2020. Shan has an enthusiasm for quizbowl which is infectious. Her many students at Carver and everyone else around the circuit recognize her chutzpah and mettle as she shares that passion and mentors her students. This year, Carver qualified for HSNCT, which is a big feat for a school that has less resources than many of their competitors. In addition, this award is in recognition of Shan’s exemplary tournament direction of the Philadelphia City Championship.

We congratulate all this year’s winners on a job well done, and can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

-The Staff

Announcement: GPQB All State Teams, 2019-2020


In this time of pandemic, we are all facing loss and difficulties. The quizbowl season has been cut short, and this year will unfortunately not feature any nationals events. While this is a devastating loss for us all, we still had five months of hard work studying and great buzzer play to go on, and thus GPQB will name all-state teams as always. We particularly salute this year’s seniors, who had to end their quizbowl career so abruptly. Without further ado, here are your GPQB All-State Teams for the 2019-2020 quizbowl season:

First Team All-State

  • Vijay Anne, Henderson High School
  • AZ Faiz, Manheim Township High School
  • Connor Mayers, Penn Manor High School
  • Will Steger, Manheim Township High School
  • Albert Zhang, State College High School

Second Team All-State

  • Matt D’Annunzio, Friends Select School
  • Chris Goodrich, Oxford High School
  • John Li, Great Valley High School
  • Anish Kodali, Great Valley High School
  • Rishi Raman, Great Valley High School

Honorable Mentions

  • Carsten Brodbeck, Hempfield High School
  • Luke Capper, Trinity High School
  • Vikram Chodapaneedi, Henderson High School
  • Eddie Fuhrer, Kiski Area High School
  • Nolan Greenways, Great Valley High School
  • Noah Harrigan, Great Valley High School
  • Anshu Nunemanthala, Great Valley High School

We commend all these students on their hard work this season.

-The staff