About This Site

About This Site

The state of Pennsylvania—home to over 1,000 high schools—has enormous potential for producing regionally and nationally competitive quiz bowl teams. The goal of this site is to help potential players and sponsors at these schools from around the region form new teams, attend tournaments, and improve their knowledge base to be the best academic competitors that they can be. Some of the material on this site has been borrowed from SoCalQuizbowl.org, which one of the founders of this site previously built. The site founders’ experiences in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern California, Tennessee, and elsewhere around the world of quiz bowl all helped inform the material found here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or leave a comment! We love to talk with coaches and players from all around the country.

We are also on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram at @paquizbowl. Thank you to Rohan Vora (Downingtown STEM ’18) for designing our logo!

Other websites about quizbowl are welcome to use the material here so long as the content is attributed to GPQB.

About the Authors

Blog Contributors

ryan-bilger-jeopardy-winner-july-9-2019-283x300Ryan Bilger
 started playing pyramidal quizbowl as a high school senior, after two years of playing solely a local format in the Lehigh Valley. As team captain, he led Emmaus High School to two pyramidal tournament victories in the 2014-15 school year, and finished as the 6th highest individual scorer in the preliminary rounds at the 2015 HSNCT. He graduated from Gettysburg College in 2019 after founding and leading their quizbowl team for four seasons, and is currently pursuing a masters at West Virginia University. He also is a four-time champion on Jeopardy! Ryan has been a GPQB contributor since 2015.

actualchris.jpgChris Chiego co-founded GPQB in 2014. He has also been involved with quizbowl outreach efforts over the last decade in Georgia, Southern California, and Western Tennessee. After competing on WREG-TV’s “Knowledge Bowl” with White Station High School (TN), he played quizbowl at the University of Georgia and UC San Diego. He also spent one year teaching and coaching high school quizbowl at Germantown High School (TN). He is currently a PhD Student at the University of Pennsylvania, where he won an ACF National Quizbowl championship in 2015. Since coming to Pennsylvania, he has assisted in starting over a dozen new quizbowl programs in and around Philadelphia and offers his extensive logistics experience at local tournaments.

296Ben Herman began his quizbowl career playing for Henderson High School in West Chester. While he only played a few pyramidal events in high school, his Henderson team won the 2011 Pennsylvania State Championship tournament. He went on to play four years of quizbowl at the University of Delaware. He has staffed or directed dozens of quizbowl events across Pennsylvania and Delaware over the past several years, and has officiated over 600 quizbowl matches. He co-founded GPQB in 2014 and started our GPQB annual awards tradition. Ben is currently a PhD student in history at Penn State University, where he is studying the 17th century British Empire.

rebecca_gpqbRebecca Rosenthal is a senior at Swarthmore College and has played quizbowl since seventh grade. She was the captain of  Bergen County Academies in New Jersey from 2014-2016. She founded the most recent incarnation of Swarthmore’s quizbowl club, where she hopes to help expand the burgeoning Philadelphia area circuit as a tournament director and staffer. She studies Ancient History and Art History, and intends to continue her involvement in quizbowl as an educator when she graduates. Rebecca has been a GPQB contributor since 2018.

29386444_2472995142926670_3947272533173288342_n-e1529597661749.jpgJackie Wu is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University and previously attended Downingtown East High School in Exton. Despite first being introduced to academic competitions through nonpyramidal formats in middle school, she is now doing outreach in the Pittsburgh area after several years of working to bring better quizbowl practices to her high school program and the local competition in southeast PA. As D-East’s captain from 2016 through 2018, she increased the team’s participation in pyramidal quizbowl, directed three tournaments, and won PACE’s Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award. Jackie has worked with GPQB since 2017, and created our Instagram account.

Former Contributors

Emily Dickson started playing quizbowl at Downingtown East megpqb-e1545688200372.jpgHigh School, where she helped establish the team as a circuit regular. She currently attends University of Pittsburgh, where she is double majoring in history and international relations. She also is also working on doing outreach to local schools in the Pittsburgh metro. She is the administrator of the Facebook group Quizpolling Purposes, where quizbowlers from all over the world vote on polls regarding pyramidal quizbowl and silly stuff alike. Emily wrote for GPQB from 2018 to 2019.


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