GPQB End of Season Poll, 2019-2020


While this unusual season did not have any Keystone State Tournament or Nationals Tournaments, we still thought it best to carry on and do an end-of-season ranking. It was difficult, but these students more than any deserve the honor of being named a top team in the state. They put in countless hours of hard work, and many continued to practice virtually even after the COVID epidemic. This year had dozens of seniors who made a name for themselves in the circuit, and we wish them the best on their next steps. Here are the results:

  1. Manheim Township, 110 points (Unanimous #1, =)
  2. Great Valley A, 99 points (+1)
  3. Great Valley B, 85 points (+1)
  4. Penn Manor, 73 points (+2)
  5. Henderson, 63 points (-3)
  6. State College, 61 points (-1)
  7. Friends Select, 47 points (=)
  8. Trinity Catholic, 32 points (=)
  9. Hempfield, 16 points (=)
  10. Oxford, 13 points (previously u/r)

Also receiving votes were: Allderdice (4), Moravian Academy (1), and Winchester Thurston (1)

The voters in this poll were: Ryan Bilger, Jack Edmondson, Ben Herman, Antonio Jimenez, Ashish Kumbhardare, Andrew Nadig, Nick Luca, Colton Sanden, Alex Sankaran, Steven Silverman, and Adam Swift

GPQB Mid-Season Poll, 2019-20


The holidays are upon us, so therefore the mid-season poll is as well. As ever, this year has had some top flight competition. Our voters had a bigger challenge than ever selecting which teams were tops in the state, as stats and tournament performance has incredible parity. As always, these rankings are primarily for fun. We are exited to see how this season finishes and what developments occur next. Without further ado, the mid-season poll results are as follows:

  1. Manheim Township, 149 points (+5, 14 first place)
  2. Henderson, 128 points (-1, 1 first place)
  3. Great Valley A, 126 points (+2)
  4. Great Valley B, 101 points (+4)
  5. Penn Manor, 88 points (-2)
  6. State College A, 74 points (-2)
  7. Friends Select, 57 points (-5)
  8. Hempfield, 34 points (+3)
  9. Trinity, 33 points (=)
  10. Allderdice, 15 points (=)

Also receiving votes were: Winchester Thurston (7), State College B (5), Great Valley C (3), and Moravian Academy (1).

We wish everyone happy holidays, a happy new year, and happy buzzing. See you in 2020.

-The Staff

The voters in this poll were: Ryan Bilger, Chris Chiego, Ben Herman, Antonio Jimenez, Ashish Kumbhardare, Nick Luca, Andrew Nadig, Malaika Paralkar, Colton Sanden, Alex Sankaran, Steven Silverman, Jack Sugrue, Adam Swift, Jackie Wu, and Will Yaeger

GPQB Mid-Season Poll, 2018

It’s that time of year again- as we flip calendars, we also flip from the first half of the qb season to the stretch run. Lineups have mostly been set, and top teams are gearing up for a run at the state title and, for a few lucky programs in America, the chance to maybe even claim a national title. As is always the case here, we have convened the voters panel and produced our own mid-season poll of teams in Pennsylvania. 17 moderators and alumni of the circuit cast a ballot this time. Here are the results:

1. Allderdice A, 169 points (=, 16 first place)
2. State College A, 150 points (=, 1 first place)
3. Great Valley A, 113 points (+5)
4. Henderson, 112 points (-1)
5. Penn Manor, 108 points (=)
6. Manheim Township A, 86 points (-2)
7. Hempfield, 75 points (+3)
8. Friends Select, 55 points (-2)
9. State College B, 34 points (=)
10. Downingtown STEM, 8 points (-3)

Also receiving votes were Great Valley B (7), Manheim Township B (5), Allderdice B (4), Delaware Valley (4), Manheim Township C (2), and Winchester Thurston (1).

We wish all these teams and the rest of the PA crew the best of luck with 2019 and the back half of their seasons!

-The Staff

The voters in this poll were: Sameer Apte, Ryan Bilger, Jack Edmondson, Ben Herman, Antonio Jimenez, Ashish Kumbhardare, Sebastien La Duca, Nick Luca, Andrew Nadig, Rebecca Rosenthal, Colton Sanden, Alex Sankaran, Vishwa Shanmugam, Steven Silverman, Adam Swift, Rohan Vora, and Jackie Wu

GPQB 2018-2019 Pre-Season Poll


It’s quizbowl time again! Buzzers are being set up and tryouts are being held as we speak which will determine what the new season will look like for PA quizbowl. While we experienced many graduations last year, many great players remain waiting for a chance to show what they know. The panel agreed that this season had an open field with top spots very much up for grabs. Here are the results of our annual pre-season poll:

  1. Allderdice (140 points, unanimous #1)
  2. State College A (124 points)
  3. Henderson (103 points)
  4. Manheim Township (84 points)
  5. Penn Manor (81 points)
  6. Friends Select (60 points)
  7. Downingtown STEM (59 points)
  8. Great Valley (47 points)
  9. State College B (42 points)
  10. Hempfield (23 points)

Also receiving votes were Delaware Valley (4) and Winchester Thurston (3)

We wish all teams the best of luck with the upcoming season, and look forward to reading for you at tournaments!

-The Staff

The voters for the poll were: Ryan Bilger, Richard Chen, Ben Herman, Antonio Jimenez, Ashish Kumbhardare, Sebastien La Duca, Nick Luca, Bryce Katch, Andrew Nadig, Colton Sanden, Alex Sankaran, Vishwa Shanmugam, Steven Silverman, Rohan Vora

End of Season Poll, 2017-2018


No one would deny that this year was the most successful in Pennsylvania’s history for pyramidal quizbowl. More teams placed well nationally than ever before, and more of our players got recognition from the greater community of players, coaches, and advocates across America. So many teams deserve plaudits for their accomplishments this year, and one poll does not do them justice. Nevertheless, in annual tradition, we will forge ahead and crown a quizbowl champion for Pennsylvania among the rest.

15 voters participated in this poll. Voting was done AP style. Without further ado, here is the final poll for the elite play of the 2017-2018 season:

#1) Downingtown STEM, 150 points (+1, Unanimous choice for #1)
#2) Lehigh Valley Academy, 131 points (-1)
#3) Allderdice, 124 points (+4)
#4) Manheim Township, 104 points (+2)
#5) Friends Select, 85 points (-1)
#6) State College A, 72 points (+5)
#7) Henderson, 37 points (+2)
#8) State College B, 31 points (prev. u/r)
#9) Downingtown East, 29 points (+1)
#10) Great Valley, 25 points (-5)

Also receiving votes were Delaware Valley (22 points), Alagar Homeschool (10), Winchester Thurston (6), and Shady Side (4).

We congratulate STEM on being named GPQB champions for the season, and more importantly, we commend all of these teams, and those who did not get ranked, on their successful seasons. Have a wonderful summer, keep learning, keep exploring, and keep buzzing!

-The Staff

Voters in this poll were: Mitch Alday, Paul Birch, Ryan Bilger, Chris Chiego, Emily Dickson, Jack Edmondson, Ben Herman, Ashish Kumbhardare, Sebastien La Duca, Nick Luca, Andrew Nadig, Rebecca Rosenthal, Colton Sanden, Alex Sankaran, Steven Silverman

GPQB Podcast Episode #17: Pre-Season Rankings and 2016-2017 Season Preview

In the 17th episode of the GPQB podcast, Ben and Chris preview the upcoming season and run through the top 10 teams in the state.

Click here to listen to the whole episode or you can fast-forward below for specific portions.

Western PA Discussion: 0:25
Central PA (broadly defined) Discussion: 4:09
Northeastern PA Discussion: 8:07
Southeastern PA Discussion: 10:39
Top 5 Teams In-Depth Discussion: 14:53

GPQB Podcast Epsiode 14: End of Season Wrap-Up

In this episode, Ben and Andrew Nadig (former Carnegie Mellon U captain) discuss the end-of-season poll for 2015-2016, and how many teams did down the stretch. Who impressed, and what sorts of surprises and changes happened along the way? We also briefly reflect on the future and what this stellar season means for Pennsylvania as a whole.

Click here to tune in and listen!

Spring 2016 Quizbowl in PA Preview

As we round the halfway point of the 2015-2016 quizbowl season in Pennsylvania, it’s time to look ahead and see what’s in store for the next semester of academic competition in the Keystone State.

January is a fairly quiet month, with only Allderdice HS in Pittsburgh’s invitational scheduled on 1/9. The field for that tournament is shaping up nicely and it’s good to see many returning faces from some other Western PA tournaments.

The quizbowl action picks up in February, with tournaments scheduled at Penn (2/13), Westmont Hilltop (2/13), Great Valley (2/20), and Carnegie Mellon (2/20). Penn’s QuAC will feature the GSAC question set while Great Valley’s tournament and Westmont Hilltop’s event will run on an easier and shorter IS-A question set from NAQT. The Tartan Invitational at CMU will use a regular NAQT IS set.

March currently only has Manheim Township’s Spring Invitational scheduled for 3/19 on NAQT questions, but there may be a few other smaller, local tournaments in the works that could take place then as well. Stay tuned for details.

In April, we’ll see how the new experiment of the Pennsylvania State Academic Competition using NAQT’s state championship question set turns out. Right now, we have no idea how those questions will actually be used nor what the format of the competition will be. We hope that the Chester County IU folks who run the tournament will use only the fresh NAQT questions and avoid the issues of question repeats, incorrect answerlines, and general bad quizbowl practices that have plagued PSAC in the past.

In addition to the quizbowl tournaments, several other academic competitions including DelCo Hi-Q, Chester County’s IU tournament, and Scholastic Scrimmages are all starting to wrap up their seasons and head towards playoffs. A number of other Intermediate Units will also be running their local academic competitions in the next few months to select teams to advance to the state championship–we hope that they will choose good questions and follow good quizbowl practices when running these tournaments.

If your team has qualified, it might be a good time now to register for one of the two major national quizbowl tournaments of NAQT and PACE. Both tend to fill up by March and require considerable planning to attend, so make sure that you start the registration process and getting school approval and funding as soon as possible.

Good luck to all teams in Pennsylvania this semester!

-The GPQB Staff

2015-2016 State Mid-Season Rankings

It’s the time of year for the latest edition of team ranks. We are permanently replacing rankings entailing opinion pieces of one author with a new, AP poll style voting system. A panel of seven voters from the community not currently affiliated with any particular high school cast ballots, ranking ten teams in order. A first place ranking received 10 points, a second place 9, and so on. Thanks goes out to all our voters for taking the time to parse through all of the stats so far, contributing their eye test as moderators, and making some tough calls.

Without further ado, here are the 2015-2016 mid season top ten. All teams here are “A” teams for their school, unless specified. Followup commentary and discussion will be the topic of GPQB’s next podcast.

The Rankings

  1. Manheim Township A, 68 Points (5 first place)
  2. State College, 65 Points (2 first place)
  3. Delaware Valley, 52 Points
  4. Lehigh Valley Academy, 51 Points
  5. Great Valley, 38 Points
  6. PALCS, 28 Points
  7. Winchester Thurston, 26 Points
  8. Henderson, 21 Points
  9. Cedar Crest, 12 Points
  10. Manheim Township B, 11 Points

Also receiving votes were Alagar Homeschool (10) and Allderdice (2). Congratulations to all these teams for their hard work and many wins. We will see where they go next in the spring tournament slate!

The voters were: Ryan Bilger, Chris Chiego, Ben Herman, Andrew Nadig, Victor Prieto, Steven Silverman, and Bill Tressler.