Tournament Announcements

Tournament Updates for Spring 2017

A few notable changes have occurred to the regional tournament schedule:

– Manheim Township’s Academic Challenge was forced to move from today (Dec. 17th) to Jan. 28th due to snow and ice.
– Downingtown East’s Jan. 7th tournament is now completely full with a pretty decent waitlist.
– Norwin HS (east of Pitt) has added a tournament in February
– Wallenpaupack (in the Poconos) has added a tournament in late March

This has all definitely improved the geographic coverage of quizbowl tournaments in PA next semester, but there are still a few areas that could use more tournaments. The Pittsburgh area has nothing after mid-February and there’s not much going on in April other than Penn State’s tournament. Also, given that the Wissahickon and Philly City Champs are both going to be smaller tournaments, there’s room for a bigger one in SEPA too in late March or April.

I have heard rumblings out of Adams County about a potential tournament at Gettysburg College, but nothing definitive yet.

Still room for a couple of additional tournaments if schools wanted to host them–remember that it’s totally fine to run a smaller, locally-focused one of say 12-16 teams too. Let us know if you’re interested in hosting and we’re glad to help!

Tournament Space Updates

The fall quizbowl season is now in full swing and we have an exciting slate of upcoming tournaments. Here’s an update on the fields for each of these tournaments. For purposes of planning, note that IS-A sets from NAQT are distinctly easier than IS sets.

There are still a couple of spots available at Friends Select’s tournament (on an IS-A set) on Oct. 22nd. Contact them ASAP here.

All three of the Mid-Atlantic tournaments on Oct. 29th appear to have completely filled (Lehigh Valley, Rutgers, and Johns Hopkins). Impressive! CMU’s tournament (on an IS set) on the 29th still has a bit of room, potentially. Email them here.

UPitt’s tournament on Nov. 12th (an IS-A set) may have a few more spots. Email them here if you’re interested. Penn State’s novice tournament on Nov. 12th still has plenty of room. Please email the PSU team here.

Henderson’s tournament on Nov. 19th (on an IS set) still has a good bit of room. Details here.

UPenn’s tournament on Dec. 3rd is rapidly filling and will close the field any moment now to cap at 36 teams. If more moderators can be found, it is possible that it will expand to 42. Email ASAP here.

Manheim Township’s Dec. 17th tournament (on an IS-A set) still has room and will feature both a varsity and novice division. Register here.

Downingtown East’s Jan. 7th tournament (on an IS set) has recently been confirmed and still has plenty of room. Register here.

Great Valley’s Feb. 11th tournament (on an IS-A set) still is completely open and has plenty of room. Register here.

Western Pennsylvania Tournament Announcements Now Up

Two quizbowl tournaments will take place this semester in Western PA, specifically the Pittsburgh area. Schools from Erie to Pittsburgh and beyond with quizbowl, academic competition, academic games, or academic decathlon teams are all welcome to attend, as are schools looking to get started in quizbowl.

Carnegie Mellon’s quizbowl team will be hosting Mellon Bowl XIV on October 29th on NAQT IS set #160. You can register and see more details here.

UPitt’s quizbowl team will be hosting SAGACITY XII on November 12th on NAQT IS-A set #161 (slightly easier than a regular IS set). You can register and see more details here.