How do I Host a Quizbowl Tournament?

Hosting a tournament is a great opportunity to help fundraise and provide a competition opportunity for local teams. Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware, and Southwestern New Jersey are especially in need of more tournaments during the year. If you see a date on the tournament schedule where there is not a scheduled tournament, you may consider hosting a tournament on that day.

Below is a link to a comprehensive tournament hosting guide that you should at least skim before deciding to run a tournament. It is rather lengthy, but contains detailed instructions on every step of planning and running a successful tournament. Be sure to read the introduction to get an understanding of whether or not you should run a tournament in the first place and what goes in to making a tournament successful.

As a brief summary, you may also want to consult this list of some common tournament directing mistakes.

We at GPQB are also happy to help anyone interested in running a tournament. Feel free to leave us a comment here or Tweet at us @paquizbowl.

The SoCalQuizbowl guide to running a quiz bowl tournament. 


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